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February 2016

Empowering Caregivers with Tracking Technologies

Patient evaluation and monitoring are big challenges caregivers are facing. The evaluation process today comes with endless forms to fill, outdated tools, and reliance on the human eye. When we visited a children healthcare center we couldn’t help but identify the clear need. One therapist was occupying the children, and another was calling each child separately for a two hour session (you read correctly, two hours for each kid! So time consuming). We learned that these evaluation sessions happened every 3 months. In these sessions, the therapist asks the child to do artificial tasks, like, bring your hand forward, bend, move, turn around and so on. I don’t need to tell you how (un)motivated children are in these situations. Continue reading “Empowering Caregivers with Tracking Technologies”

IoT Data Mining in a Nutshell

Before we examine the value data mining is bringing to IoT, what is data mining?

We’ve discussed in previous posts how cloud connectivity is crucial for IoT. The cloud is needed to gather big data insights and analytics measured by sensors. But different sensors in different locations gather large amounts of low quality data, so how can you deal with the variety it brings?

Data mining is the discovery of interesting patterns from large data sets and hidden information. In this process, the data is “cleaned” from noise and algorithms evaluate patterns translated to knowledge.  Continue reading “IoT Data Mining in a Nutshell”

IoT is Setting New Standards for the Semiconductor Industry

According to the industry analyst IDC, by 2020 the expected amount of connected devices will reach 50B – driving the market value to $8.9 trillion approx. It’s no wonder that a range of industries are adjusting to the new requirements derived from the rapid innovation. IoT’s strong potential to influence the quality of life is making it impossible to ignore (for companies who wish to reap the benefits).

The semiconductor industry is already driving growth. IoT is increasing the demand for semiconductor products, sensors in particular. But in order to truly leverage the success, certain changes will have to occur.  Continue reading “IoT is Setting New Standards for the Semiconductor Industry”

Smarter Agriculture with IoT

Agriculture is not an Internet of Things newcomer. Farming challenges caused by population growth, climate change and so many more have made it one of the first industries to utilize IoT. As IoT is progressing and developing, so is its ongoing influence on agriculture. But even today, farmers still face daily obstacles; in order to know how to treat and increase their crop, they need information that can be remotely accessed. Big data collected by sensors is bringing new insights to farmers, not to mention, future predictions.

With temperature, moist and photoelectric sensors, the crop can be accurately defined and translated to real time analytics. Continue reading “Smarter Agriculture with IoT”

IoT: Gimmick or Necessity?

A chair that adapts to your exact body type, a snowboard that measures your achievements, or a window that projects the temperature outside 24/7. These all come to mind when thinking of IoT. Yes it’s awesome, we know. But beyond these cool examples, there are times that IoT is a true necessity.

When entering this fast paced field, we visioned that in addition to bringing fantasy ideas to life, we would utilize the technology to solve crucial problems. That’s when Hip-Hope, our inspiring costumer entered the picture. Continue reading “IoT: Gimmick or Necessity?”

3 Key Elements that will Simplify the Production of Your IoT Project

IoT is no longer science fiction. It’s here and moving fast. You already know why you want to be part of it, but how can you simplify the process? Continue reading “3 Key Elements that will Simplify the Production of Your IoT Project”

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