IoT is no longer science fiction. It’s here and moving fast. You already know why you want to be part of it, but how can you simplify the process?

  1. Flexibility. When it comes to IoT, be sure to keep an open mind. With all do respect to loyalty, you’re working with one chipset provider today, but tomorrow you just might find something cheaper and better. Be sure to work with an SDK that can connect to any chipset.
  2. You’re smart, but you’re not god. Most of us are either embedded software engineers, or software developers. Not both. Don’t waste precious time on knowing it all, find a reliable provider that will complete your weaker side.
  3. Lost in cloud. IoT without cloud connectivity is like a website without Google Analytics. The cloud is needed to gather big data insights and analytics. In other words make sense out of the data gathered by your sensors. But what does cloud maintenance really require? Well, you’ll need a server developer and actual hardware for the cloud’s infrastructure = TIME and MONEY. Our tip is to leave cloud maintenance to an external provider that already has it set. It will save you precious time and sometimes money. Just be sure that they offer you an API letting you conduct your own data analysis, without the hassle of managing it yourself.

It seems that you’re ready to give it a go. For more questions, contact our team of experts: or visit the Atomation website.