A chair that adapts to your exact body type, a snowboard that measures your achievements, or a window that projects the temperature outside 24/7. These all come to mind when thinking of IoT. Yes it’s awesome, we know. But beyond these cool examples, there are times that IoT is a true necessity.

When entering this fast paced field, we visioned that in addition to bringing fantasy ideas to life, we would utilize the technology to solve crucial problems. That’s when Hip-Hope, our inspiring costumer entered the picture.

Hip fracture is the most common serious injury of older people. In order to deal with this problem, Hip-Hope developed a revolutionary smart wearable device providing real-time protection against hip fractures resulting from fall impact. When a fall occurs, the system deploys uniquely designed airbags protecting the hip area.

We are proud that our IoT platform was used for this special project. Our assumption is that the potential of IoT will be at it’s fullest when it will answer the industry’s real needs.

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