Agriculture is not an Internet of Things newcomer. Farming challenges caused by population growth, climate change and so many more have made it one of the first industries to utilize IoT. As IoT is progressing and developing, so is its ongoing influence on agriculture. But even today, farmers still face daily obstacles; in order to know how to treat and increase their crop, they need information that can be remotely accessed. Big data collected by sensors is bringing new insights to farmers, not to mention, future predictions.

With temperature, moist and photoelectric sensors, the crop can be accurately defined and translated to real time analytics. Farmers can now detect which areas have been fertilized (or mistakenly missed), if the land is too dry, and our revolutionary favorite – what will be the grain in a week from today. These insights lead to a substantial economic value.

In a nutshell, big data insights generate precise measurements and increase yields thanks to better decisions made on the spot. Despite the positive progress, our work is far from finished. We aspire to connect rural areas, making IoT an obvious standard in agriculture.

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