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March 2016

What is an IoT Platform?

In most tech industries, specialization is key, and companies aim to dominate narrow verticals. However, when it comes to the Internet of Things we keep hearing about offerings of end-to-end platforms. This sets a challenge for IoT companies, obligating them to practice completely different tasks. So what are the elements that define a complete end-to-end platform on an expert level for a powerful IoT prototype?


The new hardware movement has emerged as the enabler of IoT. Hardware is transforming and being deployed fast and in much lower costs. Continue reading “What is an IoT Platform?”

IoT Increasing Revenue in the Oil and Gas Industry

The IoT is conquering a range of industries achieving efficiency and saving costs (we’re talking billions). The Oil and Gas industry is definitely in need due to lower prices taking hold, and in order to still generate revenue, new technologies are required for better decision making. With increased sensor functionalities and wireless networks, the shift to information based value is enabled.

First and for most, IoT is enabling a competitive advantage and resources of revenue for businesses. New forms of connected marketing are allowing more visibility into the complete hydrocarbon supply chain, and by removing physical constraints, O&G companies are reaching wider target audiences. Continue reading “IoT Increasing Revenue in the Oil and Gas Industry”

IoT Greenhouses are Blossoming

Today, it’s more critical that ever to maximize the quality and quantity of yields. Hindsight is 20 20, and clearly the high investments in smart agriculture were beneficial. However, don’t be mistaken, there is plenty of work still ahead.

One of the most fascinating growing trends in agriculture IoT is the smart greenhouse. When it comes to urban agriculture, the ability to scale to crop level is limited. With pollution and physical constraints crops are potentially hazardous for one’s health. Smart greenhouses are solving this problem with more and more projects grabbing momentum, proving better outcomes. Continue reading “IoT Greenhouses are Blossoming”

IoT Sports Tech: A Game Changer

You’re out on the field, looking fierce with your pro sports gear. You warm up. You take a breath. You rock an all-star performance (or something like that. Let’s not be petty). As expected from the true athlete you are, you’re not satisfied and done. You want to do better, stretch your limits, push harder. It’s the dawn of sports tech innovation. New IoT technologies will allow you to track, measure, conclude and excel.

Track your performance 

Wearable technologies are classic for tracking. Sensors can be placed on athletes for movement and progress monitoring. If you don’t want them on you, they can also be embedded in your equipment, gathering data on your performance. This can be applied to golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and more. Continue reading “IoT Sports Tech: A Game Changer”

Smart Sensors Enabling Efficient IoT

Sensors. If you’ve been in the IoT industry for a while now, you know that this is where it all begins. Before we delve into smart sensors, why they’re crucial and how to use them, here’s a short sensor brief. Sensors are our troops out in the field, and are used to detect and respond to electrical or optical signals. Sensors take parameters from the physical world (humidity, temperature, etc.) and turn them to signals that can be measured electrically.

What can we explore with sensors? So much out there to discover. Here are a few sensors that can help: Continue reading “Smart Sensors Enabling Efficient IoT”

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