You’re out on the field, looking fierce with your pro sports gear. You warm up. You take a breath. You rock an all-star performance (or something like that. Let’s not be petty). As expected from the true athlete you are, you’re not satisfied and done. You want to do better, stretch your limits, push harder. It’s the dawn of sports tech innovation. New IoT technologies will allow you to track, measure, conclude and excel.

Track your performance 

Wearable technologies are classic for tracking. Sensors can be placed on athletes for movement and progress monitoring. If you don’t want them on you, they can also be embedded in your equipment, gathering data on your performance. This can be applied to golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and more. Start measuring your speed, acceleration, balance, distance, altitude and direction. These indicators are critical for self improvement. When trying it, you’ll realize that it’s the subtleties that matter, and you’ll be surprised that you’ve been training without it! It’s time to comprehend and learn what exactly it was that got you smashing that hit.

You’re slacking off!

Always motivated and in the mood for human contact? Nah, we aren’t either. Sometimes, we’re just not feeling it, and don’t want an over enthusiastic coach on our backs (no offence, only sometimes). With all this new data measured, your digital personal coach is smarter than ever and knows you best. Your app will notify you when you’re improving as well as when you’re slacking off. This obviously is not a replacement for actual human coaches. No matter how innovative the technology is, there are things that only humans can see and many times emotional intelligence is needed for building lasting motivation. However, as mentioned before, the tech is great when you’re not in a social mood, and can be a helpful tool for coaches letting them know their athletes better.

Pro teams are already hooked

Sports IoT is a serious game changer when it comes to pro leagues. Coaching strategies can now be based on more than intuition with priceless data showing who the true sharks are. This was already seen in the NFL training camp, where many teams used sensors to measure speed and calorie expenditure. The impact isn’t only internal, it’s also improving fan experience. When watching games today, we’re totally focused, following our favorite players’ every move. But now, the thrill is increasing with the ability to see their actual speed, body temperature, and more indicators at any given moment.

It’s the end of sports as we know it. IoT is bringing athletes to the next level, both amateurs and pros. Sensors are becoming smaller and cheaper to manufacture making this vision feasible, and in the not so far future all around us.

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