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April 2016

Cargo IoT Driving Business Efficiency

Tight competition and increasing customer expectations are setting new standards for supply chain tracking. The need for monitoring is nothing new and ERP has been powering supply chain management for a while. But today, with new sensors and devices, IoT is enhancing those solutions taking what we once called “efficient” to the next level.

When transferring assets, unfortunately, mistakes and damages are bound to happen. That is of course, if you’re not on the alert. Luckily, real time monitoring sent to your mobile phone will keep you on top of things with minimum effort. Now to the point, what is it that we’re tracking you ask?  Continue reading “Cargo IoT Driving Business Efficiency”

IoT Smart Home: Your Devices can be Smarter Than You Think

Years ago, we were excited about the possibility to control different devices from one place. We called it “the smart home”. Weren’t we innocent.  A true smart home needs more than a remote control, and the Internet of Things is connecting our devices making them wise enough to know what’s best for them – and for us.

Before you know it, your home devices will be interconnected. In this interconnected home, products will communicate with each other, exchange data and take action autonomously. What’s in it for you? Save energy and money with efficient use of electricity, get maximum comfort with your devices serving you how and when you want them to, and improve maintenance with reliable predictions.  Continue reading “IoT Smart Home: Your Devices can be Smarter Than You Think”

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