Years ago, we were excited about the possibility to control different devices from one place. We called it “the smart home”. Weren’t we innocent.  A true smart home needs more than a remote control, and the Internet of Things is connecting our devices making them wise enough to know what’s best for them – and for us.

Before you know it, your home devices will be interconnected. In this interconnected home, products will communicate with each other, exchange data and take action autonomously. What’s in it for you? Save energy and money with efficient use of electricity, get maximum comfort with your devices serving you how and when you want them to, and improve maintenance with reliable predictions. 

Now to the point, which parts of your home will be influenced by home automation? First of all, any part you want in any way you can imagine. Here are a few areas that we’re working on:

Smart LEDs

More and more companies are introducing LED lights that are connected wirelessly allowing to access them remotely and control them aesthetically according to your mood- party, romantic, playful, etc. Smart LED lights can be fully tailored to customers preferences – colors, density and more.

Smart Plugs

Connected to your mobile app, smart plugs let you turn any plugged in device on and off remotely. No more wondering “did I leave the air conditioner open? Is the light still on?” At last, full control and certainty over your stuff.

Smart Locks

Speaking of uncertainty, this is probably the hottest topic. How many times have you left your house just to return 5 minutes later after nerve racking doubts and discover that yes, you’ve locked it. Talk about wasting time. Smart locks will let you lock and unlock your home from anywhere. This will not only solve your haunting insecurities but also let you easily open the door for your cleaner/babysitter/John Doe avoiding inconvenience.

Smart Thermostats

You’re cold, you turn on the heater. 4 minutes pass, you’re hot, you turn off the heater. 5 minutes pass, you’re cold. Screw that. Those days are over pal, smart thermostats got your back. They’ll learn your habits and adjust the temperature based on your patterns. Furthermore, smart thermostats save energy and money by also controlling the places we aren’t currently in.

Smart Appliances

What about all of your home appliances? Manage your refrigerator, microwave and more. They are all your troops now, waiting to serve your wants. Send tasks with your mobile app to your fridge telling it to produce more ice cubes after being notified that they’re soon finished or remotely preheat your oven on your way home from work.

A word on privacy. It’s one of the biggest concerns derived from IoT and even more disturbing when at home. When designing such projects, security must be kept in mind. Strong passwords for your home devices are important for benefiting from the technology while keeping the hackers out of sight.

For more info on our IoT platform contact our team of experts or visit the Atomation website.