Tight competition and increasing customer expectations are setting new standards for supply chain tracking. The need for monitoring is nothing new and ERP has been powering supply chain management for a while. But today, with new sensors and devices, IoT is enhancing those solutions taking what we once called “efficient” to the next level.

When transferring assets, unfortunately, mistakes and damages are bound to happen. That is of course, if you’re not on the alert. Luckily, real time monitoring sent to your mobile phone will keep you on top of things with minimum effort. Now to the point, what is it that we’re tracking you ask? 

As you may have heard before, in IoT scalability is everything. Today you’re measuring one parameter, and tomorrow a new need is discovered. So regarding your question, we’re measuring anything you want. Commonly, when it comes to cargo, we want to monitor the location and condition of assets, making sure that delays and damages are avoided. More specifically:

  • Temperature and humidity sensors monitoring pharmaceutical or perishable goods. Real time updates are sent to your mobile phone when deviations from the required temperature and humidity standards occur.
  • Security – Real time alerts when goods are mishandled, e.g., provided to the wrong address, mistakenly opened and more.
  • Monitor workers’ locations, health and activity.
  • Proximity, tampering and location sensing for the prevention of thefts and losses.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. IoT is enabling supply chains to work smarter, make better decisions and perform in maximum efficiency. In order to truly stand out, supply chains must assure that assets reach their destination on time and in optimal conditions. For more information visit Atomation or contact our team info@atomation.net.