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May 2016

IoT Cloud: 5 Key Features that Must be Present in the Platform You’re Using

So much has been said and written about cloud computing. Almost every IT provider claims to have a cloud service, and sure, competition is good, but with the large and confusing supply, it’s time to get your priorities straight. A real cloud service MUST contain the following elements: Continue reading “IoT Cloud: 5 Key Features that Must be Present in the Platform You’re Using”

How Can the IoT Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?

By Matthew Cordasco, MyCrowd QA

There are numerous ways to get an edge over your competitors, from offering better pricing to making a higher quality product. One way that’s increasingly interesting is by putting the IoT, or Internet of Things, to work to enhance your business processes or final product.

Over the last decade, the Internet of Things has gone from a technologist’s dream into a reality for tens of millions of people. If you use an Internet-controlled alarm, lighting system or heating system, you’re part of it. If not, the chances are very good that you soon will be. Continue reading “How Can the IoT Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?”

The Smart Security System: IoT is IN, Intruders are OUT

Home Automation is a major trend in IoT, and sure, controlling the color of your lights or the temperature from anywhere is cool, but there is one specific area that really caught our attention and out shined the others. Our home is our shelter, the place where we should feel safest in. There is nothing more disturbing than finding your stuff scattered all over the place after a burglary.

New IoT technologies are bringing safety back to the streets fighting intruders bravely. Users are enjoying a new sense of certainty and control by tracking security features from anywhere at anytime. The new homes are armed with sensors that are connected to an alarm and local authorities. The sensors can send alerts to the owner’s mobile device, take action and be activated from afar.  Continue reading “The Smart Security System: IoT is IN, Intruders are OUT”

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