Home Automation is a major trend in IoT, and sure, controlling the color of your lights or the temperature from anywhere is cool, but there is one specific area that really caught our attention and out shined the others. Our home is our shelter, the place where we should feel safest in. There is nothing more disturbing than finding your stuff scattered all over the place after a burglary.

New IoT technologies are bringing safety back to the streets fighting intruders bravely. Users are enjoying a new sense of certainty and control by tracking security features from anywhere at anytime. The new homes are armed with sensors that are connected to an alarm and local authorities. The sensors can send alerts to the owner’s mobile device, take action and be activated from afar. 

Furthermore, use cases don’t only come down to negative burglary events. Think of the following scenario, you’re out running errands, when woops, you realize that your gardener is due to arrive in 15 minutes. Your smart security system will let you easily open the door for him, and lock it when he’s done with your mobile phone. If you’re still not convinced, let me remind you of all the times you left your house uncertain if you’ve activated the alarm – those days are over.

Maximum safety requires maximum flexibility. Smart Security solutions are scalable and provide everything from shielding to safety from dangers such as fires or floods. Unfortunately, new threats can arise everyday, and only an intelligent robust system will be capable of connecting new sensors to the system and adjusting to various needs. For more info, visit the Atomation website, or contact our team of experts at info@atomation.net.