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September 2016

Elcam Medical’s Innovation Strategy: Gaining Productivity with the IoT

Elcam Medical partners with IoT Startup Atomation and proves that even after decades in the medical industry, it still remains ahead of innovation.

In the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has progressed from a fascinating vision, to a must have asset for cost and operational efficiency.  In healthcare, wireless technologies are allowing doctors to monitor patients from anywhere at any time. Analysis of accessible data is empowering the therapist-patient relationship, with ongoing communication and tailored personalized treatments. Continue reading “Elcam Medical’s Innovation Strategy: Gaining Productivity with the IoT”

Dynaquip’s WaterCop to Enter the IoT Market with Atomation’s Platform

Dynaquip gains essential competitive edge by partnering with tech startup Atomation, adding new Internet of Things (IoT) features to its water shut off system WaterCop.

It seems that no industry will remain untouched by the fast paced IoT trend, now conquering the valve market. With burning ambition to be innovative, relevant and ahead of technology, Dynaquip, founded back in the late 70s, is among the first companies to go IoT in the Midwest manufacturing space. The corporation recently joined forces with Internet of Things (IoT) tech startup Atomation, signing an agreement with promising outcomes.  Continue reading “Dynaquip’s WaterCop to Enter the IoT Market with Atomation’s Platform”

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